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5 Best Thumbnail Makers for YouTube Videos

    Best Thumbnail Makers for YouTube Videos

    YouTube features many videos in the search result for each keyword. It’s like a web browser that features several websites for the same search phrase. What can you do to lure users to your videos? You can use impressive thumbnails to attract users and get more views!

    Every popular YouTube channel publishes videos with interesting thumbnails. Striking thumbnails increase the popularity of the channel and the number of subscribers. Therefore, all the YouTubers equip their videos with outstanding thumbnails.

    There are several thumbnail maker tools to choose from. Every tool may seem like the best thumbnail maker, but only 5 of them are perfect for your demands. Continue reading to reveal, which are those 5 best thumbnail makers.

    What is a thumbnail?

    A thumbnail is like a preview image. It is a compressed picture that video creators use to attract viewers. There is no one ideal size of a thumbnail picture. Google’s image search tool allows you to upload a thumbnail up to 177-pixel size.

    [su_note note_color=”#3d24d7″ text_color=”#ffffff” radius=”3″ class=”” id=””]Amazon allows users to upload pictures with 200 pixels size and dynamic width. A YouTube thumbnail would be 210×118 pixels in size. Every platform has a different requirement and you can meet that requirement by using a sophisticated thumbnail tool.[/su_note]

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    Benefits of thumbnail:

    The small size of thumbnail images makes them perfect for YouTube videos. Normal images can be heavy, but thumbnails are light and easy to upload.

    A YouTube video with a perfect thumbnail can load at a lightning-fast speed. That’s why YouTube users like because they don’t want to wait several seconds to reach the main content. A video with a compelling thumbnail and small intro can make a huge impact on the viewer!

    Most of the videos appear in YouTube search have a thumbnail. An interesting thumbnail immediately grabs the user’s attention. It lures the user to click on the video and play it without wasting a second.

    YouTube Thumbnail Maker Tools

    Thumbnails play a crucial role in increasing views. It’s the first thing that draws the attention and that’s why it must be convincing! An attractive preview image or thumbnail is like a boon for a YouTuber. That’s why YouTube Thumbnail makers are widely used tools in today’s time.

    As mentioned before, there are so many thumbnail makers. Each tool claims to provide the best service. A new YouTube video creator needs the best thumbnail maker for a quick success. Therefore, we have listed and reviewed 5 Best Thumbnail Makers for YouTube Videos.

    1. Canva:

    Being a top-rated graphic design program, Canva is entertaining above 15 million users today! It helps you in creating the most compelling thumbnails. It doesn’t matter whether you are a skilled designer or not. You can use this tool to create impressive thumbnails within a few minutes!

    Canva allows you to produce eye-grabbing preview images for your videos. It would be unfair to call it just a thumbnail maker tool. This program provides support for many graphic design tasks. It has over one million templates, photos, and graphics to choose from.

    Various font styles and size options make it pretty simple to create an interesting thumbnail. Use its drag-and-drop feature to pick images. Use all the editing tools to make an impressive thumbnail and then upload the resultant image to your videos on YouTube.

    1. Fotor:

    Fotor is another outstanding thumbnail maker program. It makes simple thumbnails look pretty interesting. This tool has sophisticated editing features for all kinds of images. Besides, a barrage of editing tools makes it pretty simple to complete the editing task fast.

    It is free and it allows you to explore all the possibilities before saving the final image. You can always use its quick editing feature to retouch the edited image.

    It is perfect for the beginners, intermediate-level editors, and also for professional designers. So, try it before your competitors create something more attractive to grab the viewers.

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    1. Fotojet:

    Fotojet has been a go-to choice for YouTubers for quite a long time. It offers many templates to choose from. Even though the home page features invitation card templates, this program is quite reliable as a thumbnail maker.

    Fotojet is providing dedicated support for YouTube thumbnails. This program is quite user-friendly. You can easily tweak, resize, rotate, and crop them to create perfect thumbnails. The entire operation completes in a few minutes and you get the thumbnail uploaded to cloud.

    You can grab and use the thumbnail anytime and anywhere without any trouble. Therefore, Fotojet is a flawless tool for creating eye-catching thumbnails on the go.

    1. Backgrounder:

    Professional YouTubers switch to Backgrounder when they need professional-quality thumbnails. You can use it to create thumbnails with avatars, professional art, and impressive fonts in the first attempt.

    Brands are using Backgrounder to produce high-quality and lightweight images for social media marketing. It also helps you in equipping the web page with light and attractive pictures so that the page can load faster.

    Consider it a one-stop destination for YouTube thumbnails and blog images. It is not available as software. Therefore, you have to go online and create YouTube thumbnails online.

    There is an entire community of YouTubers creating and sharing Backgrounder thumbnails online. They not only share their work but also help newbie users in using this tool in the best possible way.

    It is user-friendly and pretty intuitive. So, it shouldn’t be tough to produce impressive YouTube thumbnails on Backgrounder.

    1. Adobe Spark:

    Adobe Spark is one of the finest YouTube thumbnail makers. It is also one of the most widely used thumbnail makers in the world. It closely imitates Canva because both have many similar functions. Canva asks you to pay an affordable price for readymade thumbnails. Adobe Spark does not charge any penny for its content.

    Although you can use Adobe Spark for various graphic designing projects, it also provides dedicated support for YouTube thumbnails. Many beginners use Adobe Spark. Therefore, its developers have kept thumbnail making process straightforward.

    It’s our fifth best choice because it lacks some essential thumbnail editing ornaments. Consider it a basic solution for creating thumbnails quickly. You must give it a try because it’s free and available as an online tool.

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    Final thoughts:

    Thumbnail makers have helped millions of YouTubers till the date. These programs will continue to produce interesting thumbnails and drawing users to new videos. You are missing on a great opportunity to grow your YouTube channel if you aren’t using a thumbnail maker yet!

    [su_note note_color=”#3d24d7″ text_color=”#ffffff” radius=”3″ class=”” id=””]Pick any of the above reviewed 5 Best Thumbnail Makers for YouTube videos and use them to craft exciting thumbnails.[/su_note]

    You won’t spend any penny, get eye-grabbing thumbnails, and those thumbnails will draw thousands of users to your videos. So, try this approach now if your videos are not getting views on YouTube!

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