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10 Best Apps Like Popcorn Time (Best Alternatives)

    10 Best Apps Like Popcorn Time

    There’s no hesitation in claiming Popcorn Time to be one of the best movies providing apps in recent times. For movie maniacs and show addicts, nothing can be better than having an app where they can stream and grab their favourite shows and contents anytime anywhere. Popcorn Time is one such app for you.

    And the best part, above all, is that the app can be accessed for free!

    Also, if you feel too tired to go out with your family and spend some quality time together, don’t worry. You can do that sitting back at home. All you need to do is have a steady internet connection, some snacks, and Popcorn Time.

    10 Best Apps Like Popcorn Time

    10 Best Alternatives to Popcorn Time

    Of course, Popcorn Time is a great app, but it’s illegal. Using an illegal site is an illegal act, punishable by the anti-piracy law. Hence, people are looking for alternatives that are safe and legal. Below given is a list of the best alternatives of Popcorn Time which provide similar services.

    1. Crackle

    Providing users with an array of exclusive services and features, crackle is undoubtedly the best alternative site to Popcorn Time. It is a top-rated app that provides users with quality movie streaming experience. The app currently has 25 million users. Everyone can access Crackle without having to pay any subscription charges.

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    Also, HD version of the latest films is uploaded, within a month of their release. Users can even save their favourite movies on this app and watch them later. Crackle can be used by both android and iOS users.

    2. Hulu

    Devoid of any technical glitches, Hulu is another app having a great user-friendly interface. The site is extremely user oriented and it’s easy and simple UI has made using this app even easier for people.

    People can navigate and browse through its contents easily. Also, the app has organised every movie and other content into categories, making it further convenient for people to find out their desired content. Hulu is just as good as Crackle in offering content and services to people.

    3. Netflix 

    One of the top-rated movie streaming apps is Netflix currently. This has emerged to be the world’s leading subscription service for streaming and grabing content. You will get a wide array of movies- Hindi, English, Tamil, Telegu, etc., top-class web series, documentaries, thrillers, romances, and whatnot.

    The site’s amazing collection of contents will simply leave people surprised. You can even avail of a month’s free trial service, Which you can cancel anytime. Similar to other alternatives, this app too provides every content in HD resolution, further enhancing your movie-watching experience.

    4. Cartoon HD

    As the name suggests, this app mainly hosts cartoons for children. Besides that, you also get to stream and grab the trending movies and TV series and shows here. Every content is available in HD resolution.

    Similar to Hulu, cartoon HD has a well-classified collection of cartoons. This helps kids and adults to find out any particular cartoon which they want to stream. Apart from cartoons, the site brings to you tv shows from major TV channels, web series, latest movies covering various genres, language, etc, and animated series too.

    5. Movie HD

    As per the name, Movies HD contains movies in HD resolution. Bringing movies from every genre, language, culture, and era, this app hosts innumerable movies. It has a rich and varied collection of movies which is sure to give a satisfactory experience to every movie lover.

    Every movie you want to stream or grab is sure to be found here. Here, you will get movies classified into various groups like popular movies, award-winning movies, old movies, action films, romances, horror, and many others.

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    6. Playview

    Another recent movie streaming app specially designed for Android users is playview. Similar to Popcorn Time, this app works great on mobile devices. Not only do you get movies in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and other regional languages, but also English and Spanish. Thus, this app ensures better movie streaming services from the rest.

    Also, the site provides a short description for every content, which gives related information. Because of this already provided information on the app, users don’t have to google every time they decide to stream.

    7. Showbox

    Showbox Carries a wide and diversified library of movies, series, thrillers, award functions, and tv shows. This app is sure to meet the movie preferences of every individual. After grabing them for free, you can enjoy your favourite shows and movies offline.

    You can stream them online too if you desire. This app is free, unlike a few other legal alternatives which charge money from users. This is one such app that will be supported on every device, be it Android, iOS, BlackBerry, etc.

    8. CinemaBox

    CinemaBox like the rest of the alternatives also provided quality services to people. For movie maniacs, this is another popular option. It is the latest android video streaming app that provides similar movie streaming services.

    Not only movies, one can stream documentaries, short films, trailers, music videos, etc. Besides providing every content in HD resolution, users can also stream and grab in other formats like 320p, 480p, 540p, 720p, etc.

    The site allows for unlimited streaming and grabing.

    9. Duckie TV

    This app updates in contents regularly by uploading the latest released in a short time. The best part about this site is that it allows people to stream and grab their favourite contents in their preferred language.

    You can create your watchlist and include movies, cartoons, animated series, or anything of your choice there, for streaming them later.

    It provides users with user-friendly interaction and quality experience. There are more than 1500 movies available on this app.

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    10. Crunchyroll

    Last but not the least, Crunchyroll is another alternative to Popcorn Time. This app doesn’t require any subscription charges for availing its contents and services. This app has been in operation for quite some time now, and users seem to be satisfied with the kind of services it has been providing so far.

    It is one of the best to-go options if you are feeling bored and want to kill some time. With its best collection of movies, series, animations you are sure to get the best entertainment for free.

    Popcorn Time might be providing quality entertainment, but it’s illegal. Just because it provides services for free, doesn’t mean we have to support the illegal piracy business. If anyone is ever caught accessing Popcorn Time, the individual will be jailed for 3 years. Keeping in mind the dangers associated, we must stop using Popcorn Time and access any of the best 10 alternatives mentioned above.

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