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iVMS-4500 for PC (Windows 10, 8 & 7)

    iVMS-4500 App on Your PC

    The iVMS-4500 app is a HikVision product, designed specifically for surveillance on mobile phones. This app is available for both Android and iOS devices. You can also use this application on your computer and laptop if you know the right technique.

    The iVMS-4500 surveillance app works flawlessly with HikVision DVR, CCTV camera, IP cameras, HD-TVI CCTV cameras, NVRs, and other surveillance cameras. You can grab and use this app to monitor the entire property on your mobile phone.

    This app provides real-time footages from surveillance channels. Therefore, you can make sure your home, office, or industry is protected against intruders and fraudulent elements. The following features make it an excellent surveillance app for mobile phones.

    iVMS-4500 App
    iVMS-4500 App

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    • Real-time live video feed from 16 channels!

    Being a modern app, the iVMS-4500 allows you to monitor live feeds from 16 different channels. It means you get live footage from 16 CCTV cameras. Suppose you are on a business trip and want to monitor the work in the office, you can use this app for surveillance.

    This application will provide a clear view of all the locations where CCTV cameras are installed. If anything wrong occurs in the protected area, you can see it in real-time. You can take the necessary actions to prevent further damage!

    • Remote playback:

    It was not possible before to access the CCTV footage of remotely located facilities in real-time. Therefore, homeowners and business owners were not able to monitor their properties on-the-go.

    [su_note note_color=”#3d24d7″ text_color=”#ffffff” radius=”3″ class=”” id=””]The iVMS-4500 app has made it quite simple. You can log in and access the live feed from all the CCTV cameras. This remote playback feature allows you to check the entire length of the footage anytime and anywhere.[/su_note]

    • PTZ control:

    PTZ stands for Pan–tilt–zoom and HikVision CCTV cameras are equipped with this cutting-edge feature. The iVMS-4500 app designed to provide users with PTZ control.

    You can pick any camera in your facility, tilt it in any direction, and zoom on a specific spot to see what is going on. You won’t need big equipment to carry out this operation! Your smartphone’s screen is good enough to control the movements of the CCTV camera.

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    Open the iVMS-4500 app, select a channel, and pinch the screen to zoom in and zoom out. Swipe left-right or up-down to move the camera. This app will give you a clear picture of the entire CCTV covered area.

    • Video recording and snapshot support:

    CCTV cameras record many things throughout the day. People usually access the CCTV footage from the surveillance room. You don’t need to wait that long if you are away from the property. You can record videos and take snapshots through the iVMS-4500 app.

    These two features appear as you play the CCTV live feed on the app. You can start and stop recording with one tap of the button. Suppose someone goes wrong and you are watching it live, you can record it and use it for immediate response.

    • Hik-Connect:

    Hik-Connect is an advanced P2P service used by HikVision. It is integrated into the iVMS-4500 app. This service allows the remote access of cloud p2p function cameras. You can remotely access all the recorded clips from a particular CCTV camera. Fast-forward the clip to check what’s going on a specific time.

    Along with the above-listed five features, the iVMS-4500 app provides advanced features like preset activation, brightness calibration, and remote configuration of CCTV cameras.

    You can use this app to control 256 sets of devices at a time! You can modify, delete, and add device profiles via this app. That’s why people want to use it on their PCs.

    The iVMS-4500 app key benefits:

    The iVMS-4500 application has gotten great ratings on both Google Play Store and the iTunes app store. People widely use this program to keep a sharp eye on the protected area 24-7. The following benefits make it a beneficial app for every property owner:

    Whether it is your home or business, it should be protected all the time. You have installed CCTV cameras to stay alert and protect your family and business. The remote monitoring capability allows you to monitor the CCTV installed areas 24-7.

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    You can immediately take appropriate actions if something goes wrong in the monitored area. If you don’t think your employees work efficiently, you can install the CCTV cameras and record their operations.

    Thus, you will have proof to counter employees who don’t work dedicatedly for your firm. You should immediately install this app on your mobile device and PCs to take advantage of its cutting-edge features.

    This app will help you in protecting your property and running the business flawlessly. Your employees won’t be able to mislead you because you will be watching everything on your phone.

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