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Psiphon Pro App for PC (Windows 10, 8 & 7)

    Download the Psiphon Pro App for Free!

    Introduced as a censorship circumvention tool, the Psiphon Pro app can unblock censored content in any country. China and many other countries have blocked social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, etc. This VPN service unblocks those apps and allows you to access any site you want.

    You need this app on your PC if popular websites and online platforms are censored in your country. It will hide your online activities and allow you to bypass censorship with ease.

    This app is consistently evolving and offering better support than the previous year. It does not share any user data to the governing authorities. That’s why millions of users want Psiphon Pro for PC.

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    Psiphon app key features:

    This VPN app was created as a project at the University of Toronto. This university project later turned into an independent corporation. Although this firm has its headquarters in Canada, it does not compromise users’ data to comply with laws.

    Psiphon Pro App for PC
    Psiphon Pro App for PC

    The following features make it an even better solution for your needs:

    • Servers located in 9 countries:

    The Psiphon app has its servers established in 9 countries across the globe. It provides users with diverse entry points and thousands of servers. You will be connected to the internet 24-7 without revealing the real location!

    It also reveals the performance of each server. So, if you aren’t getting proper speed, you can easily switch to a new server.

    • It is free!

    All the top-rated VPN programs offer a limited-time free service. Even though they offer great browsing speed, you need to switch to their premium plans to continue using them. Psiphon is not one of them because you can use it for free forever.

    It does not ask you to provide the email ID or other details. You can install it and use it immediately. It connects to a secure server with one tap of the button and it stays connected until you want.

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    • No restrictions at all!

    The Psiphon app supports a much wider selection of protocols than an ordinary VPN app. Besides, it allows you to browse everything available on the internet. There are no limitations and no boundaries. You can use any website you want without any restriction or speed issue!

    • Proxy customization:

    Turn Psiphon into a VPN program that meets your demands. You get more proxy customization features on this app than competitive censorship circumvention tools. Users love those configuration features. That’s how it became the most recommended app of its kind.

    • No compromise with your privacy:

    Visit the Psiphon app’s official website and check the privacy policy. It has not hidden anything from the users. The entire policy reveals how this app uses your data.

    First, it does not collect any private information. Your original IP is not shared with anyone and it remains hidden throughout the browsing time. It offers you complete privacy for free of cost. Therefore, it is a trustworthy open-source platform to bypass censorship and access restricted sites.

    Does Psiphon work seamlessly on PCs?

    [su_note note_color=”#3d24d7″ text_color=”#ffffff” radius=”3″ class=”” id=””]Psiphon is a mobile censorship circumvention application. The developers have not introduced it for PCs yet. Is there a way of grabing and installing Psiphon on your PC? Yes, you can use this app on your computer or laptop through an Android emulator program.[/su_note]

    This application works flawlessly on laptops and computers. It unblocks all the blocked apps and sites in your country. Your IP location will switch to another country. You can visit all your favourite sites without revealing your true ID.

    Hence this app is free, you can keep it connected all the time. Thus, it will unblock all the restricted sites. It won’t be necessary to open the emulator and connect this app time-and-again.

    Is Psiphon better than competitor VPN apps?

    Psiphon has drawn the attention of millions of mobile users. It quickly became popular as a reliable censorship circumvention app. Users across the globe grabed it to unblock some restricted sites.

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    It has over 1000 servers located in 9 countries. Those 9 countries do not censor their citizens. Therefore, Psiphon app provides unrestricted access to every website available on the internet.

    It is best suited for users, who cannot buy premium membership plans of top-rated VPN tools. Psiphon is also a top-rated application, but it offers more services than an ordinary virtual private network program. That’s why it is growing much faster and drawing more user.

    So, turn on your PC, grab a feature-rich emulator program, install Psiphon app, and use it to bypass censorship. Its performance as a fast VPN app will certainly improve your web browsing experience. 

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