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10 Best Apps Like Offer Up that Lets you Sell Items!

    Best Apps Like Offer Up

    There is multiple stuff at our home that is just piled up in a corner of our closets or storage rooms because we do not know what to do with them. Those days of struggling with such extra baggage are over now as we provide you with a brilliant idea to use them! Offer up!

    Sell them!

    Yes, have you ever thought of selling your unused or not so regularly used items that have been with you for a long enough period now? If you had not considered the option up until now, then it is high time that you do.

    However, there is a problem with the solution mentioned about and that is that where do you sell them? But fret not as every problem has a solution! Numerous sites help you buy and sell stuff online.

    [su_note note_color=”#3d24d7″ text_color=”#ffffff” radius=”3″ class=”” id=””]Many people worldwide have opted for this idea as this is a great way to get rid of your unused or less used stuff and earn a few extra bucks as well. One of the greatest sites for the job is Offer-up.[/su_note]

    If you have not heard of it till now, then you have come to the right place. You are just a few scrolls away from knowing some of the best sites to buy and sell your stuff from and on respectively.

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    What is Offer-up?

    Offer Up is a site to sell your used or unused or less used items on. You can put up advertisements for free on the site and scroll through other ads as well. The site also lets you browse through other items and buy other stuff as well.

    It is one of the most popular sites for the purpose and even has its app version as well. However, it is good to have backups for your options and no matter how good an application is, it can always malfunction.

    10 Best Apps like Offer Up

    It is good to have other options in case one of your options do not work, and in this case, we have brought you ten! Here is a list of apps and sites similar in function and use as Offer Up. They are all very easy to use and so far have brilliant feedback from its users.

    Take a look at the apps below to experience undisrupted selling and buying experience online:

    1. Recycler

    This is another great site to search for buyers and at the same time sell your stuff. This site allows you to sell any and everything provided you do not misuse the freedom. If you are someone in search of some quick bucks then you could very well choose this site as your go-to option.

    2. LetGo

    LetGo has enough room for the stuff that you feel like you are ready to “let go”. You can sell any and everything that you feel is taking up too much space in your room, then this is where you could sell them and have some extra bucks in your pocket.

    We anyway have more than enough in our lives, selling the extra would not only take off the burden from our backs but also help the others to enjoy a little extra something too.

    3. Oodle

    This site is known for its range of items. It too, like Close5, provides you results and information about purchasable goods and interested buyers according to your location.

    However, it is mostly known for the plethora of products that it has to offer up to its users. Not just in case of items of use such as clothing and others, but the site also keeps pets. If you are an animal lover then this could be just the site for you.

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    4. Close5

    This site lets you browse items based on their availability near your location. It requires you to input your location and accordingly it will show you results of items that you could buy and interested buyers around your locality.

    Along with this, the range of items that it keeps is beyond brilliance.

    5. VarageSale

    Ever heard of a garage sale? VarageSale is just the online version of a garage sale! Just as in a garage sale you would be able to know the actual existence of the person, VarageSale too opens up that window for you.

    Any user needs to link his or her Facebook account with the account on VarageSale, and hence give slightly higher security to its users.

    6. eBay Classifieds

    The eBay Classifieds have an auto-location feature that enables it to know the locations of its users and help them to get the best service possible. The app too has an option where users can chat with each other regarding prices and other such information.

    7. Yerdle

    This site lets the users upload their items for free. They upload a particular item that they want to sell and the person who buys it, pays only the shipping fee. The seller then gets the Yerdle credit credited to his or her account and in this way keeps on earning at the minimum expense.

    8. Selio

    Sell your goods on Selio! It sounds like a nice tagline, just like the site itself! Selio is one of the most popular and efficient sites that lets you sell and buy goods online.

    This site like all the other sites too has an app version of it that makes navigating through the potential purchases easier. Furthermore, it gives you the option to chat with other users without having to give you any personal contact information.

    9. Listia

    The site has a wide range of products. This, along with the fact, site lets you upload items for free makes it another one of your go-to apps when you want to sell or buy items online. It has an app version as well.

    Yerdle and Listia are often seen as twin sites due to the similarities that they bore.

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    10. SocialSell

    This is a place where you can do business and do some social networking on the side as well. You can follow sellers on their Facebook page and keep track of what they are selling, prices, and so on. This ensures a bit more security than other apps as well.

    The next time you are looking for some extra bucks to add on to your pocket money or want to get rid of certain unused stuff from the basement, you know exactly on which doors to know on!

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