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12 Free Video Editing Softwares for YouTube Videos

    Free Video Editing Softwares for YouTube Videos

    YouTube is offering a great opportunity to make money online. You just need a channel and some creative YouTube video ideas to entertain the audience. These two things will help you in earning passive income throughout your life.

    One thing you shouldn’t forget that YouTube has millions of channels. There are thousands of videos on each topic. It would be tough to compete against already established YouTube channels and YouTubers.

    Free Video Editing Softwares for YouTube Videos
    Video Editing Software for YouTube

    Use the best video editing software to make your YouTube videos more impressive and compelling than your competitors. There are many tools to choose from. However, the following 12 free video editing software for YouTube Videos are perfect for your needs.

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    1. OpenShot:

    It is a user-friendly video editing software that every beginner would love. OpenShot provides you with an intuitive environment with a variety of features to edit your videos.

    Many YouTubers and businesses rely on this tool for video scaling, resizing, trimming, rotation, and snapping. This program also has features like time mapping, credit scrolling, audio editing, frame stepping, and real-time preview.

    You should grab and install this tool now on your Windows or Mac PC if you can’t buy a premium video editing program. It will ensure your videos are impressive and impactful enough to draw more viewers and followers.

    2. Blender:

    Blender is another free video editing program for Windows, Linux, and Mac PCs. Being an open-source tool, Blender was originally intended to be a 3D animation suite. Its video editing features made it a go-to platform for YouTube video editing.

    Today, Blender is entertaining around 4 million happy users with all the advanced video editing features.

    Yes, it offers support for performing all the video editing tasks. Besides, it also provides support for advanced editing work like video masking. Grab it right now to explore a long list of features this software provides.

    3. Lumen5:

    This program is perfect for marketers, who want to generate more leads through their video promotions. It is a perfect tool for crafting fun and flashy videos. If you want your YouTube videos to be entertaining and eye-grabbing, Lumen5 is the tool you need for this job.

    You can use this tool for free if you are producing 480p videos for the channel. You will have to switch to the premium tool if you want to produce more impressive HD videos.

    It is a perfect program for the creation of eye-catching promos. Being a YouTuber, you can use it to produce flawlessly crafted short clips for your channel. It is user-friendly, reliable, and free!

    4. Lightworks:

    Lightworks has been praised by millions of YouTubers for producing astonishing 720p YouTube videos. You can grab and install it if you own a Windows, Mac, or Linux PC.

    This program gives you free access to tons of video editing features. Even its free version offers more features than many premium video editing programs have on their dashboards.

    Its high precision video trimming feature has established a huge fan base for this tool. You get Multicam support and it supports a variety of video formats.

    Unfortunately, you cannot produce 4K videos on this program for free! You will Lightworks’ paid version too produce 4K videos!

    5. VSDC video editor:

    This program is available as both free and premium video editing software. Its free version does not provide a huge collection of features, but it still has a better suit than other tools.

    You get chroma key functionality to create green-screen effects in the videos. Its video masking tool is quite fine and user-friendly.

    The free version will continue offering support for basic video editing needs. You may eventually switch to VSDC’s premium version to try impressive post-production effects. It will increase your video editing capabilities. You can use this program to publish the polished video directly on YouTube.

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    6. ShotCut:

    ShotCut has made its presence felt in the recent few years. Being a flawlessly designed video editing tool, it entertains millions of active users every month.

    It is also an open-source video editor program. You can access and use all the editing tools without paying any penny. This program support many video formats. It works flawlessly on all the Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs.

    You can use ShotCut for editing 4K quality videos for free. This particular feature has drawn many YouTubers to this program.

    7. DaVinci Resolve:

    DaVinci Resolve has emerged as a reliable video and picture editing program. Consider it if you want too quickly edit your videos with some basic video editing features.

    The free version of this program offers several videos and picture editing tools. You get an auto-preview option to see how the finished video will look. Its auto-movie option allows you to cut perfect clips from long videos.

    The animation tab reveals numerous effects, sounds, credits, and titles to choose from.  You get all these things for free if you use DaVinci Resolve!

    8. HitFilm Express:

    This program may seem a bit complex in the beginning if you haven’t used a video editing tool yet. It may take some time to fully understand HitFilm Express’s features, but the outcome will be quite awesome.

    This program provides a quick aid for creating Hollywood film style videos. Your videos will get better and better with every passing day. You will learn new features every day and use them to improve the quality of YouTube videos.

    It is a professional video editing program with composite shot enhancement features. Your videos will have surreal effects and a unique charm to lure more audience on YouTube.

    9. InVideo:

    This program has been chosen by millions of YouTubers for creating compelling video presentations. Being an online video editing tool, it entertains many publishers, marketers, and individual users.

    You can use it to equip your videos with automated voice overs, impressive frames, and advanced effects. It offers satisfying customer support and an intuitive interface to work on. That’s why it is one of the best online video editing tools for YouTube videos.

    10. VideoPad:

    VideoPad should be on your Windows PC if you have just started a new channel. It is free and it provides the best sound-mixing features for YouTube videos. Its double built-in screen makes video editing so simple. There customizable transitions and pre-made transitions to get more professional-quality videos.

    It provides dedicated support for every popular social media platform. So, if you craft an impressive clip and want to publish it immediately, VideoPad is the best tool for this job. It will make video editing and publishing so simple for you.

    11. Freemake Video Converter:

    People have been using the Freemake Video Converter for YouTube video grabs, video conversion, and editing for a long time. It is a reliable tool for extracting audios from video clips. You can also use this program to embed videos to your blogs.

    It is a simple video editing program. You should consider it a one-stop solution for many video editing needs!

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    12. Quik!

    It is a simple video editing app for Android and iOS device users. This program is for those, who don’t own a personal computer. You can record your videos and edit them on your phone by using this app.

    This app allows you to add photos, over 100 royalty-free audio tracks, time-lapse sequences, and many other effects to your videos. Try it if you want to edit the recorded videos on your mobile device.

    Final thoughts:

    You can find 20-50 more free video editing software and applications on the internet. The above-listed programs and apps have satisfied more YouTubers than any other tool in the market.

    Therefore, you should choose one of these 12 free video editing software for YouTube videos.

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