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Top 5 Best Intro Makers for Youtube

    Best Intro Makers for Youtube

    Above two billion users rely on YouTube for their entertainment need and learning something new. There are more than 31 million YouTube channels. Content makers use this platform to publish videos on many topics. They earn a lot of money through this platform!

    People, who publish videos to entertain the audience on YouTube, are known as YouTubers. A successful YouTuber knows how to attract and engage his audience. The best intro maker tool helps him in glueing audience till the end of each video.

    Most of the people decide whether or not they should watch a video by checking its intro. If the intro is impressive, the viewer will spend some more time on the video. He or she may switch to another clip if the intro is not impressive.

    Therefore, every aspiring YouTuber needs a flawless YouTube intro maker to create an unforgettable first impression!

    What is an Intro Maker?

    Every YouTuber needs a unique identity. It’s not your name but the video that gives you a unique identity. Your followers will easily identify the video by its intro if it’s impressive and memorable.

    A video intro is a short clip that appears before the main content. It can contain your channel name or logo along with some animations. It is not tough to grab a video from a YouTube channel and upload it on another channel. Anyone can do it, but a newbie wouldn’t be able to remove the intro!

    So, if someone steals and uploads your video on another channel, your followers will recognize it by the intro. A flawlessly crafted intro can immediately grab the viewers’ attention. You need the best YouTube Intro Maker to produce an attractive intro.

    Top 5 Best Intro Maker for Youtube
    Best Intro Makers for YouTube

    Many such tools are available on the internet. Some of these tools are free while the remaining are premium tools.

    [su_note note_color=”#3d24d7″ text_color=”#ffffff” radius=”3″ class=”” id=””]Yes, it can be daunting to pick the best Intro Maker for YouTube. You may confuse between some top-rated tools! Therefore, you should continue reading this post to find 5 Best Intro Makers for YouTube.[/su_note]

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    1. Renderforest:

    Being a multipurpose design platform, Renderforest provides incredible support to make your online presence felt across the targeted platform! You can use it to create logos, videos, and also for designing a beautiful website.

    Hence you want to craft impeccable YouTube video intros, this tool is perfect for this task. It takes just a few minutes to craft a video intro on this platform. You get over 50,000 intro templates to choose from. Yes, a free intro maker is offering such a huge number of intro templates!

    You can customize those templates as per your needs. This platform provides users with a huge library of soundtracks, fonts, graphics, and photos. It will offer you 500 MB space for free to craft unlimited 360p videos of 3 minutes length.

    Unfortunately, there will be Renderforest’s watermark on the intro clip. You can switch to its $9.99/month plan and remove that watermark. It is one of the most widely used intro makers by YouTubers. Try it if you also want to publish professional-quality YouTube videos on social media platforms.

    2. Intro Maker:

    As the name suggests, it’s a dedicated app for making video intros. This program offers support for using images, logos, your pictures to create video intros for YouTube videos. This platform is packed with a variety of motion graphics templates.

    Here you can find a variety of animations and 3D intros. You can continue editing with flat-whiteboard animations or try hand-drawn animations. It provides many effects to choose from and therefore this app is perfect for crafting impressive video intros.

    It’s okay if you don’t know how to use a video editing tool. The Intro Maker does not require any technical expertise. You can produce a perfect intro within just three steps.

    First, you need to pick a template design for the intro. Make sure it looks perfect with the logo of your channel. It asks you to upload the logo in PNG or JPG format to use on the intro. Make sure the logo is transparent. Answers a few questions and then you will get the Intro grab link.

    This platform provides several free templates for intros. However, the latest and the most impressive templates are sold at $5/template rate. That’s the only drawback of using this intro maker program.

    3. Wondershare Filmora 9:

    Wondershare Filmora 9 is a complete video editing tool. Being a professional, you must try it to produce top-quality content on YouTube. This tool provides you with a highly intuitive interface to work on. Creating a video intro will hardly take 3-5 minutes on this platform.

    This program is available for free. It won’t require a fast internet connection because it’s an offline video editing program. Get it for free and then install it on your PC. Now, open this tool and craft a perfect intro.

    [su_note note_color=”#3d24d7″ text_color=”#ffffff” radius=”3″ class=”” id=””]The free version leaves a watermark on video intros. Many YouTubers are comfortable with it because that watermark doesn’t appear in the middle of the screen. You can anytime upgrade to Filmora 9’s premium version and produce watermark-free video intros.[/su_note]

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    Many people are using Filmora for video editing because it’s free and a one-stop solution for many video editing needs. It offers overlays, filters, transitions, and custom title adding features.

    This program gives you free access to hundreds of transitions, soundtracks, animations, and other effects. All these features are there to make sure the video intro and the entire video is awesome! So, give it a try if you want an offline YouTube Intro Maker program.

    4. IntroChamp:

    IntroChamp is an online platform that provides hundreds of intro templates at its home page. Consider it a one-stop destination for finding the most innovative YouTube Intro Templates. It is like an Intro supermarket, where you get intros in all categories and styles.

    IntroChamp provides a glimpse of how your intro will look with the name and logo of the channel. There are many templates to test. Take your time, try every template, and then choose a perfect one.

    IntroChamp sells intros and you can buy a template only for $6.98. This platform is currently offering over 300 types of YouTube video intros. Each template has an impressive animation to introduce your channel.

    The only drawback of this platform is that it doesn’t offer too many customization features. That’s why some users switch to other intro maker tools.

    5. Panzoid:

    This platform is entertaining thousands of YouTubers for their video intro demands. Gamers, live streamers, guides, information sharing channels, and many other YouTube pros use this platform.

    It has one of the largest collections of intro styles. Each intro template seems different. You get a different animation to work on and that’s why it’s a perfect platform to get a dream video intro.

    You can use this platform to edit the backdrop of the intro and modify it as per your needs. Therefore, it is a decent place to find the best intro for your YouTube videos.

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    Final thoughts:

    You get many tools and platforms to choose from. However, the above listed 5 Best Intro Makers for YouTube provide everything you are looking for. So, pick a tool or platform now and craft your video intro. You will have an effective intro within 5 minutes!

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