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How to Do Quality Voice Over for YouTube Videos?

    Quality Voice Over for YouTube Videos

    YouTubers across the globe upload millions of videos on YouTube. Some videos get a great response from the users and some videos barely make an impact. It takes time to reach thousands of YouTube users. That time would be short if you do quality voice over for your videos!

    Your videos become more entertaining and informative with voiceover narration. You voice grabs viewers’ attention when you explain a product, guide, or something else on the video. The right technique and tools will make you a professional narrator and voice-over artist.

    What does Voice Over mean?

    When you speak in a video without showing your face and explain what’s going on in the video, it’s called voice over recording. People usually refer to it as voice over. Many YouTubers do voice over to highlight, describe, explain various things and offer additional details.

    It is a great way of keeping the audience engaged and making things easier for them to understand. Although voice over is quite similar to narration, it is a completely different thing.

    Narration simply means commenting on actions occurring in a video. Professionals present it in the form of story to make the video look more interesting. For example, describing a historic event or tragedy with reliable statistics.

    Quality Voice Over for YouTube Videos
    Quality Voice Over for YouTube

    Voice overs are spontaneous. You describe the ongoing action in the game or guide. It does not require too much preparation because the information is already there in the video. All you do is describing what happened and how did you do it or how the user can do it.

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    Quality voice over makes your videos more interesting. You can also use it to increase the number of likes and shares on YouTube. This post will reveal a complete guide to do high-quality voice over for YouTube videos. So, continue reading to reveal more about this art:

    Crucial elements of a great voiceover:

    You don’t need to be a famous celeb to create a great voice over. It’s okay if you don’t have a masculine voice. Many great female voice over artists have gained a huge fan over time. They focus on the following elements instead of worrying about their voice.

    • They maintain great audio clarity and perfect volume
    • Vocal tone and inflexion
    • Pacing
    • Pronunciation

    Take care of these four things and your voice overs will be perfect. Pronounce every word with clarity, keep the volume up, maintain a good pace, and take care of punctuation. Great voice-over artists make the audience feel the emotions behind every line.

    You have to do the same if you want to win more followers on YouTube! Now, follow the below-explained tips to record a perfect voice over for your YouTube videos.

    • Get a high-quality microphone and audio software for recording:

    You want your voice to sound better on the video. It won’t be possible without a good microphone. You will most probably use a laptop or computer to record the voice. So, make sure there are no static noises when you are narrating the script.

    A normal headphone will do the job if you can get a clear voice out of it. Professional quality headphones would hardly cost $50. So, buy it if you want to produce videos with voice over.

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    Another thing you need to produce impressive voice-overs is high-quality audio recording software. There is so many recording software to choose from. Check the reviews and then grab free or premium software on your computer.

    Get familiar with the microphone and software features and you are all set to record the voice over.

    • Get prepared for the recording session:

    It doesn’t require too much preparation. Watch the finished video clip at least 3 times. Jot down all the important events occurring in the video. Thus, it will be easy to comment on things occurring in that video.

    Now, you need a quiet place to work. Professionals use recording studios to record video narrations and voice-overs. You may not have access to such a facility, so go to the quietest room in your house. If there is no such room, then nighttime will be the best time for recording.

    There should not be ambient noises otherwise the voice over will sound weird. It will distract your viewers and they may switch to other videos. So, a quiet and calm environment is essential for recording impressive voice overs.

    • Do some test recordings:

    You got everything it requires to record impressive voice overs. Test a few recordings to ensure the audio levels are good. You will learn that microphone placement is good, the right volume for the audio, and you can test some audio effects. Do a few tests and then you are ready to go.

    • Record the main video voice over!

    It’s the final step! So, be confident and make sure your voice is clear. Keep the points in front of you that you want to describe. Now, start the recording and narrate the entire video confidently.

    [su_note note_color=”#3d24d7″ text_color=”#ffffff” radius=”3″ class=”” id=””]Your voice must sound clear. Describe each step with the same pace and move to the next scene fluently. Don’t hesitate and do not take long pauses. The user must feel that you are not wasting his time. Add some sound effects in-between to make it sound more entertaining.[/su_note]

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    Final thoughts:

    Most of us rarely listen to our voice. Your friends and colleagues know it sounds good. So, don’t be nervous in your approach and proceed ahead confidently. It may take 2-3 attempts, but you will have a great video to entertain your YouTube audience.

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