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15 YouTube Channel Ideas without showing your Face

    YouTube Channel Ideas without showing your Face

    YouTube is 21st century’s most lucrative platform to earn passive income! It will reward you with millions of active subscribers, popularity, and money if you are a creative person. You can be an entertainer, a trainer, or share your expertise through YouTube videos.

    It does not cost any penny to open a YouTube channel. It has the cheapest membership plans for YouTubers with over 100K subscribers. It won’t take too long to reach that milestone if you produce entertaining and engaging videos.

    You don’t need to appear on your videos if you want to be a successful YouTuber. Many channels produce impressive content on this platform. They got millions of subscribers and channel owners have still not revealed their face!

    YouTube Channel Ideas without showing your Face
    Best YouTube Channel Ideas without showing your Face

    You can do the same and earn a lot of money. Check the 15 Best YouTube Channel Ideas without Showing Your Face.

    1. Publish videos with presentation slides:

    Your YouTube channel can be a one-stop destination for finding all kinds of informative videos. Those videos will be voice-over videos with presentation slides. Microsoft Powerpoint is a free tool you can use to prepare those slides. Google Slides and Keynote are other reliable tools to produce impressive presentations.

    There are many topics to choose from and many creative ways to make videos more interesting. A variety of paid and free tools are available on the internet for video editing.

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    However, all your videos should have the same intro. It will become a unique identity of your YouTube channel. It won’t be necessary to reveal your face and the number of subs will increase if people like your content.

    1. Start a gaming channel:

    What else can be simpler than playing games and streaming them online? Probably nothing and it is okay if you don’t own an expensive device or equipment to stream the gameplay. Use a free screen recorder to record the gameplay, later edit it, and then publish the video.

    Many renowned gamers had stated their journey this way. Today, they have millions of subscribers. They earned enough money to buy a high-quality game capture device and an expensive PC for live game streaming. Give it a try if you like to play video games!

    1. Start a cooking channel:

    People love to eat delicious cuisines. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to cook and prepare delicious foods. You can help them by teaching cooking online.

    Use your smartphone to record the entire cooking recipe. Use a quality microphone and audio software to create a compelling voice over for your video. It will help the viewers in learning how to cook delicious meals at home.

    Many cooking channels have helped millions of people in preparing delicious meals. You can teach some local cuisines or exotic dishes if you want. People love this kind of content on YouTube. Many home chefs have gained millions of subscribers by teaching various recipes through YouTube videos.

    1. DIY repair channel:

    Are you an expert technician or mechanic? Millions of users are looking for DIY repair guides. They often open the YouTube app on their smartphones to learn how to repair their electronic and mechanical devices.

    People also use DIY guides to repair their vehicles. Many technicians and mechanics show their face to train DIY enthusiasts. It is not necessary though! You can address many problems in your DIY repair videos and teach people how to fix those issues.

    This type of content draws thousands of viewers on YouTube every day. So, try it if you want to share your knowledge and make some money in the process.

    1. Publish animation videos:

    Creative individuals publish thousands of animation videos on YouTube every day. Those videos cover various topics from politics to celebrity news. Pick your topic, create some animations to feature in that video, and prepare an engaging voice over.

    It will hardly take a day to produce impressive videos on social, political, entertainment, and other topics. You can criticize or praise famous people for their recent actions. Your animation videos can also distribute information about rarely known things!

    Many teachers and trainers use animations to explain their points. Therefore, it’s a great way to become a professional YouTuber and making money online.

    1. Product review channel:

    Online shopping has become the most popular way of buying products. People go online to buy a variety of products. However, most of them try to make sure that the chosen product is perfect for their needs. They check product reviews before buying the required products.

    You can start a product review channel on YouTube and make small videos to reveal the pros and cons of various kinds of products. You can review smartphones, PCs, accessories, vehicles, apps, websites, or any other thing you want!

    Your channel will always draw viewers, who want to buy the reviewed product. It will also establish you as an influencer and increase your followers on other social media platforms.

    1. Podcasts:

    Many renowned athletes, artists, and celebs have created YouTube channels to stream live podcasts. They use expensive equipment to produce quality audio and video. However, the main content remains the audio in a podcast!

    If you want to comment on ongoing issues, sports events, movies, shows, or anything happening around, start a podcast channel on YouTube. It will give you the freedom to express your views. It will take some time to gain subs, but you will get a loyal fan base on this platform.

    You can stream podcasts live or publish recorded videos of conversation. Both methods will work in drawing the audience on your channel.

    1. Music video channel:

    People love to play their favourite songs on YouTube. It contains millions of songs in all the genres. English songs entertain people across the globe whereas regional songs also gain a huge response.

    Many people open the YouTube app to play lyrical videos. These videos contain have no host and there will be no original video song. You can create a lyrical video with some impressive effects.

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    Make sure the audio quality is good and animations are engaging. This trick will generate millions of views on each song. You can create genre-specific playlists and publish them on your YouTube channel to entertain music enthusiasts. They will certainly subscribe to your channel if they like your music collection!

    1. Life hacks:

    You have a great chance of running a successful YouTube channel if you can craft some impressive objects. All you need to do is film your hands crafting various things. Complete that artistic product and later explain steps in voice over.

    You can entertain millions of subscribers this way and earn a considerable amount of money from YouTube. YouTube’s top crafts channels entertain around 100 million people every month. Create videos in your local language to draw an area-specific audience.

    You will soon grab the attention of thousands of DIY enthusiasts, who want to learn new crafting skills. It will not only benefit you but also your followers in decorating their homes.

    1. Restoration video channel:

    You should own a channel on YouTube if you can turn any antique object into a new object. It is called restoration and restoration videos have gotten millions of views on YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

    Start the journey by restoring any old object in your house. Assess viewers’ response and then pick some antique items to restore them in their original shape. You will only show the restoration process.

    People won’t care if your face is missing. They will be focused on the result of the restoration video!

    1. Travel Channel:

    Become a travel blogger and vlogger if you want to travel and earn good money. Go to various destinations, record scenic videos, and publish them on your channel. Use a voice over to explain why that place is so popular.

    Travel enthusiasts will certainly subscribe to your channel to reveal more about the featured destinations.

    1. Listicle video channel:

    Which are the top 10 fastest bikes? Which are 10 fastest cars in the world? Which are 10 deadliest cats? Which are 10 tallest mountains in the world? Such topics make people curious.

    You can soothe their appetite for knowledge by creating listicle videos on YouTube. Publish factual information to entertain the interested audience on YouTube.

    1. Explain historic events:

    History channel entertains millions of viewers across the globe. Unfortunately, it’s not available on all the TV sets. Pick some interesting historic events, create animations, and slide-show presentation, to produce informative videos.

    Explain each event in a detailed way. Make sure the video is not so long, but it explains important aspects of the chosen event. Such videos will help you gain millions of followers on YouTube within a few months!

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    1. Product unboxing channel:

    It’s not a great YouTube channel idea for every aspiring YouTuber, but some of you can try it. Unbox and review newly launched products to reveal their pros and cons. Sadly, you can’t get those products for free and therefore you will have to buy them for reviews.

    1. Tips and tricks:

    Do you know the ways of making complex problems easier? If yes, then you should own a YouTube channel. Share your tips and tricks in video form to make people’s lives easier. They will drop a like and subscribe to your channel if your solutions work for them.

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